Time to Get the Message With Two-Way SMS

There’s a reason why Nordstrom has an excellent reputation for customer experience. The retailer has been listening to what customers want for over a century. As Forbes points out, what that entails today is up-to-the-minute innovations in digitally enabled shopping. Nordstrom has been particularly innovative in its approach to shopping via SMS text messaging. Nordstrom’s TextStyle (a fun play on “textile”) allows customers who opt into their NEXT text messaging platform to text directly with sales associates and even buy clothing via SMS.

Recent technological innovations have made secure, two-way SMS feasible for companies. The brands, like Nordstrom, that seize this opportunity are already reaping the rewards. Satisfaction skyrockets when customers are able to communicate via their preferred channels, anytime and anywhere. Yet, there’s still a big gap between customers’ declared interest in using SMS and businesses’ actual deployment of the channel.

We have explored the positive feedback loop between customer-driven innovation, SMS messaging technology, and excellent customer experiences in a new ebook, How Two-Way SMS Is Transforming the Retail and Insurance Industries. Read it to learn how leaders in these two fields are harnessing the energy of their relationships with customers by deploying B2C two-way SMS. Get the ebook now.

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