Our Debt Management And Collections System

Discover the Power of our Omni-Channel Debt Management and Collections System

Adding our omni-channel debt management and collections system to your tech stack is a smart choice for a host of reasons.

Easy to implement and quick to deploy, our powerful system allows you to achieve faster recovery of outstanding receivables, a strong increase in your collection rates and an often-dramatic reduction in charge offs.

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What is a debt management and collections system?

A debt management and collections system is an online business software platform that enables the holistic management of an organizations receivables portfolio.

These systems allow users to pro-actively and effectively orchestrate collection strategies, messaging, settlement offers and channels through a common interface.

Machine learning is used to customize the collections strategy on a customer-by-customer basis.

Benefits of such a system include faster recovery, increased collection rates and greater customer satisfaction.

Our System Features

With Smart-out-of-the box Machine Learning for immediate impact

Smart Machine Learning Provides a One-on-One Experience at Scale

Our award-winning technology learns and grows with experience for an efficient and effective end-to-end experience for your customers and agents to optimize dollars collected.

With True Omni-Channel Orchestration for Greater Efficiency

Increase Collection Rates Through Your Customers’ Channel of Choice

Customers expect engagement in their channel of choice. Our omni-channel debt management and collections system enables flexible and configurable communication across all channels including email, SMS, voice and print.

With Full Compliance and Auditability

Mitigate risk with full compliance and auditability

To reduce risk and maintain compliance, our fully auditable built-in compliance engine lets you implement rules for every jurisdiction and keeps you collecting 24/7.

With Robust Security and Data Protection

Protect your data and your reputation with our robust security

As ransomware and other hacking attacks become an increasingly common part of the daily news, Katabat helps to protect your most valuable asset by adhering to several advanced security standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, SOC 2 and GDPR. Sleep better knowing that your data is protected.

With Powerful, Easy-to-Use Strategy Engine

Recover faster with our powerful collection strategy engine!

Our strategy engine combines powerful decision tree and workflow capabilities in one unified platform, allowing you to design unique and interactive customer experiences that quickly improve collections.

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Two Editions to Choose From Based on Your Needs

Digital Collections Edition of our debt-management-and-collections-system

Digital Collections

Execute personalized digital customer communications that drive dollars collected and improved performance.

Unified Collections

Unified Collections

Take back control of every facet of your collections strategy all on a single enterprise platform, powered by true machine learning.

Digital Collections Unified Collections
Consent Capture
Branded Self-service Portal
Abandoned Cart Messaging Feature
Machine Learning
Automated Campaign Workflow
Strategy Engine
Campaign Management
Content Management
Work Flow Management
Standard Reports
Report Builder
Recovery Accounting
Agency Management
Document upload/download
Agent Desktop

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Debt Management and Collections System

One stop shopping for my collections reps. Instead of searching several outdated platforms, this product allow them to have all the information at their fingertips. Production and overall associate morale increased drastically.

Senior Manager, Long-Term Care Claims

We anticipate a significant ROI on our Katabat investment… Based on current trending, we are on track to save millions from reduced charge offs.

Matt Nissen, Operations Risk Manager Capital Services

Katabat gives us the ability to bring a marketing mindset to collections… We’ve seen a consistent drop in delinquencies since deploying Katabat.

Vice President for Collections and Recovery

Customer Success Studies

Capital Services customer success story

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humm group customer success story

Read how humm group slashes lead time by 99% with Katabat.

Katabat customer-success-story

Learn how one of our clients cut delinquencies by deploying Katabat.

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