Katabat’s CXM Solutions Bolster Flexi’s Customer Service and Bottom Line

Flexi is a leading provider of diversified financial services in Australia and New Zealand specializing in innovative lending and leasing solutions. Their business is founded on exceptional service and support, and their use of strategic technology to improve customer experience helps them build on this foundation.

In 2014, Flexi was faced with legacy infrastructure limiting their strategic operations and making portfolio integrations expensive and slow. Their programs and communications across the customer lifecycle were not making use of available technology, and Flexi’s network needed a strategic portal to engage customers at the point of sale.

Flexi turned to Katabat. Katabat provided a customer experience management (CXM) solution that integrated with Flexi’s underlying systems seamlessly. Flexi is now able to manage the entire account lifecycle through Katabat’s platform. In 2016 Flexi reported a 20% operating expense improvement and a $1.2M expense savings. But beyond savings, Katabat’s platform allows Flexi to orchestrate customer experience campaigns and automate communications strategies tailored to each customer. This has resulted in a 96% increase in contact rates.

Finally, Katabat delivered the Flexi Dealer Portal in 2016 to engage Flexi’s network of 16,000 retail partners. The portal engages new point-of-sale financing customers and re-signs existing customers. The results have been impressive—a 50% increase in re-contract rates and 1,000 new contracts signed per month.

Katabat provided Flexi with enhanced organization, improved data and workflow management, and highly customizable automated communication tools. Katabat’s platform supplies a suite of tools that Flexi continues to use to enhance strategy, customer experience, and the bottom line. Read the full Flexi case study for further detail.

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