Finvi’s Katabat Solution Chosen by Harmoney to Support Multiple Loan Management Platforms

BURLINGTON, Mass. (August 28, 2023) – Finvi, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software built to accelerate revenue recovery and simplify the payment process, announced that Harmoney, the largest consumer-direct online lender in Australia and New Zealand, has selected Finvi’s Katabat solution to support multiple products across its multiple loan management platforms.

Harmoney selected Finvi’s Katabat solution to support its efforts of changing the traditional personal lending model to put the customer at the center, and to use technology and data to make money more human.

“We look forward to helping Harmoney improve its collections efficiency, with smarter, more-effective strategies, increase customer satisfaction with personalized treatment strategies, and ultimately, collect more,” said Tim O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer at Finvi. “By having a single source of truth from a collections standpoint, and a means to centralize and manage collections strategies, Harmoney will have a critical tool to support its strategy of growing its product offerings for consumers across the ANZ market.”

Since 2014, Harmoney has helped more than 70,000 people in Australia and New Zealand achieve their goals through financial products and services that are friendly, fair and easy to use.

“Our purpose is to help and inspire people to start now on their dreams or start fresh – through financial products that are simple, smart and secure,” said Andrew Bates, Chief Technology Officer at Harmoney. “In Finvi, we saw an innovative partner to help us continue transforming the way people across Australia and New Zealand borrow money — through personalized consumer choice, informed by data science and delivered through superior technology.”

Finvi’s complete Katabat solution helps make agents more efficient, and helps organizations develop smarter, more effective strategies while improving the customer experience. It can also protect your brand value by reducing compliance risk, as well as drive customer strategy innovation by closely monitoring their success while creating personalized customer treatment strategies.

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About Finvi

For more than 40 years, Finvi has been the premier provider of enterprise technologies that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for clients across healthcare, government, accounts receivable management, and financial institutions. Our innovative solutions are built on a distinctly human-centric approach to innovation and service. Through process automation and modern, compliance-minded communication and payment tools, Finvi enables thousands of clients to generate more revenue at reduced costs and fulfill their business goals by effectively engaging those who pay.

About Harmoney

Harmoney is the only 100% consumer-direct personal lender operating across Australia and New Zealand. Harmoney provides customers with unsecured personal loans that are fast, easy, competitively priced (using risk-adjusted interest rates) and accessed 100% online. Harmoney’s purpose is to help people achieve their goals through financial products that are fair, friendly, and simple to use. Harmoney’s proprietary digital lending platform, Stellare® is the power behind the platform. Stellare® can process, approve and fund most loan applications within 24 hours. Stellare® also replaces the traditional industry credit scorecard with a predictive behavioural analytics engine which uses machine learning to analyse our rich, direct consumer data to deliver automated credit decisioning and superior risk-based pricing.

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