Katabat Launches Machine Learning-Powered Debt Collections Software


Katabat Launches Machine Learning-Powered Debt Collections Software

WILMINGTON, DE, Oct. 25, 2018 – Global software provider Katabat has released Katabat Engage, which delivers data-driven debt collections powered by machine learning to consumer lenders.

Katabat Engage helps lenders collect more dollars through a platform of personalized, digital communications tailored to customer preferences.  Powered by a proprietary machine learning platform that has performed well in Google Kaggle competitions, Engage enables lenders to deploy customized e-mail and SMS text collection messages and continuously tune customer outreach and response strategies.

“We are very excited to present Engage to our clients and the broader marketplace,” said Katabat CEO Ray Peloso, who recently did an interview with Thrive Global about how machine learning can improve the customer journey. “Our data science team has built a mature and reliable data pipeline for machine learning and continues to demonstrate the power of the platform through its success in several Google Kaggle machine-learning competitions.”

“We’ve already seen early interest from several lenders that are deploying the product to support their collections efforts,” said Katabat Head of Product Strategy Kelly Dickerson. “Our Engage clients will benefit from the platform’s ability to learn from each customer interaction and quickly update and optimize strategies. Clients want a product that meets stringent regulatory and compliance standards while saving them the cost and time of developing and testing software like this on their own.”

For more information on the Katabat platform, go here or send us a note at info@katabat.com.

Katabat is a global, SaaS-based Customer Experience Management (CXM) software provider headquartered in Wilmington, DE, with offices in the United Kingdom and Australia. Our unified platform empowers seamless communications throughout the customer lifecycle, optimizing engagement and return on investment (ROI) at every touchpoint. Katabat’s solutions are easy to deploy, highly configurable, and meet the most stringent security and compliance standards.

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Katabat is the leading provider of debt collections software to banks, agencies, and alternative lenders. Founded in 2006 and led by a diverse team of lending executives and leading software engineers, Katabat pioneered digital collections and has led the industry ever since. It is our mission to provide the best credit collections software in the market and solve debt resolution from the perspectives of both lenders and borrowers.

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