Ray Peloso Featured in Thrive Global Article Discussing Machine Learning and Banking Trends

Katabat’s CEO Ray Peloso was recently featured in a Thrive Global article and video interview about how machine learning can improve the customer journey. In addition to covering some personal tidbits about Ray’s background, success tips, and how to help others thrive, the Ariana Huffington media outlet asked Ray to share the top 5 fintech and banking trends over the next 3 years. During the interview, Ray also mentions a new AI-driven communications product for delinquent customers that Katabat will soon be unveiling. Ray’s top 5 trends are highlighted below.

Top 5 Fintech and Banking Trends over the Next 3 Years

  1. AI differentiates service – Substantial customer experience optimization triggered by AI breakthroughs such as Natural Language Processing (NLP).  NLP will enable machine agents to solve customer problems efficiently and drive exciting innovations as advanced AI agents increasingly anticipate and resolve customer needs on routine tasks. While the obvious examples are Netflix, Hulu, and Waze, we’re responding to this trend by preparing to roll out a product that would help clients determine the best communications treatment for individual customers at various stages of delinquency, learning from their specific responses and reading broader patterns. Our plan is to quickly expand across all phases of the consumer lifecycle, including marketing, servicing, and cross-sell.
  2. Blockchain reduce fraud, friction, costs – Blockchain innovation will dramatically reduce “costs” among global parties and intermediaries. Already deployed in categories such as global procurement, blockchain will be “internet 2.0” solving major security and data-sharing limitations associated with the current internet. WalMart is already using blockchain for something like 10 percent of its supply chain.
  3. A recession will separate winners and losers – A 2020 recession following the second longest economic expansion in history will shake out winners and losers among the latest generation of FinTechs, all of whom claim special lending secret sauce. Check out the Great Financial Recession in 2008 — credit lessons tend to repeat themselves!
  4. Mobile-centric customers controlling their journey – The mobile genie is out of the bottle as mobility dominates life. Omni-channel drives a more fragmented and complex purchasing journey, with low patience for poor experience. Delivering a consistent and seamless experience across and between channels will differentiate winners.
  5. Mobile heightens security risk – Cybersecurity drives most tech investment for consumer businesses. Banks will continue to invest heavily to fortify systems architecture, seeking accessibility and safety. Just this week the Department of Homeland Security announced a new Cybersecurity Division.

Watch the video interview below.


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