Katabat Restore

Collections & Debt Management Solutions

Drive improved dollars collected while delivering an outstanding customer experience with Katabat™ Restore. Manage with end-to-end confidence—from compliance, collections, to customer communications, disputes, debt placement and recovery.

Powerful. Integrated. Process-Driven Speed.

Our highly scalable SaaS-based solution weaves together our powerful strategy and workflow engines with highly configurable multi-channel contact capability.

Our strategy portal is easily configured by your business strategists, allowing you to design customized and flexible customer journeys to improve collectability. Integrated workflow and channels means you can design offers and engage with your customers whenever they want, through whichever channel they prefer.

360-Degree View - Full Lifecycle.

Katabat Restore provides a comprehensive solution across all stages of collection management, digital collections, debt placement, hardship, and recovery accounting on a single, integrated platform.

Be in control of your collections activities with a 360-degree view of the customer relationship and account data throughout the lifecycle. Maximize each account’s potential, increase cash flow, and minimize losses.

Compliance Risk – Covered.

Katabat Restore is designed for provable compliance to the standards of the most demanding financial institutions in the world.

We protect client data according to global standards of information security protections, and build compliance auditability tools into the product set. And, our platform is flexible to adapt to ongoing changes in regulations.

Customer Experience – Personalized.

Leverage your understanding of your customers to develop personalized experiences. Leverage segmentation and robust decisioning and seamless execution across channels for improved productivity, compliance, and service delivery.

Execute uniquely targeted, custom treatments that drive response, and intelligently prioritize your customers’ preferred channels. You’ll improve costs and efficiency while delivering a personalized experience.

“Katabat’s Debt Management solution transformed our response to Australia’s hardship regulations. The synergy provides amazing value for our clients and their customers."
David Grafton
Connected Analytics

FlexiGroup: Stunning growth. Platform by Katabat.

FlexiGroup deployed Katabat Restore and Katabat Unite solutions to drive rapid growth and diversification.

96% increase in contact rates

New partnership with Flight Centre

50% increase in re-contract rates

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