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Monthly Accounts Receivables Roundup for August 2021

“The Delta Variant Will Slow but Not Derail the Ongoing Economic Recovery.” That’s the optimistic, and I hope, accurate headline...


Monthly Accounts Receivables Roundup for July 2021

Pandemic’s “Credit Card Debt Paydown Miracle” May be Ending. That’s the news from a recent CNBC report noting that while...


Monetizing Information Security Assurance.

A successful business capitalizes on opportunities while minimizing risk.  We in Information Security, Risk Management and Compliance know that our...


Monthly Accounts Receivables Roundup for June 2021

Astonishing: GDP Predicted to be 7.4% This Year… But Won’t Last For Long. Nearly spilled my coffee when I saw...


Our Commitment to Security

At Katabat we take extreme pride in the comprehensive and robust security with which we protect our operational infrastructure and,...


Monthly Accounts Receivables Roundup for May 2021

Which Way Inflation? For this month’s Roundup, I’m focusing on the economy. The reason for this is that whenever the...


Creating Text Messages that Pay

I’m old enough to remember how surprised I was when I first started seeing articles about people using their cell...