Top 5 Security Measures—What Makes the Katabat Platform Ironclad?

Katabat was founded by financial and technology industry experts, so we fully understand your security and compliance needs. Safeguarding your information has been part of our mission from day one. Data security is part of our culture, and you can see that in our platform’s uncompromising security standards. But anybody can say they care about your security, so we want to share how we do it. Here are the top five ways Katabat is ensuring client data security:

1. PCI Level 1 service for more than 25 million accounts—we have been a PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider for 10 consecutive years.

2. Encrypted by the Katabat platform, not the database—data is encrypted on the platform so that even our engineers cannot read it, and we use the most secure F5 application firewalls.

3. Secure connection via TLS, whitelists, and deep packet inspection—your data will be protected from its origin as a PGP-encrypted data file through its travel via TLS 1.2 HTTPS channel.

4. Platform privileges defined by you—any access to platform modules is role-based, and you can create your own roles.

5. A team of dedicated experts—our IT professionals are in touch with the industry. We are constantly tracking best practices and have a CISO on our executive team.

And those are only the top five! We’ve never suffered a breach or hack. Find out more about how we ensure client security by downloading our Katabat Security Fact Sheet.

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