Predictive Analytics and Entrepreneurship with Ye Zhang

Katabat CTO Ye Zhang has done several interviews in the past few months. A June 19th article from CIO on predictive analytics featured Ye’s input on the subject. The article’s focus was on how those who may be skeptical of predictive analytics can get started, and Ye had great advice on how the technology should be approached. He warns not to confuse predictive analytics with number crunching. “What you really need,” states Ye, “is to distill data into actionable strategies that can generate incremental revenue.”

Ye goes on to remind people that there is no point in reinventing the wheel when it comes to predictive analytics. It makes sense to leverage existing technology, especially when just beginning and still verifying your ROI. Once you do decide to invest in predictive analytics, however, Ye warns that it will not be a one-time investment. “You have to keep adjusting your predictive models to fit business conditions.”

Ye Zhang was also featured in a July 19th One Million by One Million article. The state of Delaware has been working with 1Mby1M to stimulate entrepreneurship in the state, and Ye was highlighted as a success story. He speaks with Sramana Mitra about what brought him to the US, how he started his first company, and how Katabat was born.

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