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Marketing Workflows. Configured.

Execute integrated and fully compliant marketing content workflows to accelerate stakeholder approvals. Go to market with confidence.

Marketing, Operationalized

Create operational efficiencies with defined marketing processes. Part of Katabat Liberate essential workflows, Katabat Marketing Automation standardizes and strengthens your marketing processes. You can configure compliant marketing workflows and define tailored forms and surveys, all of which can be used in your customer self-service portal or agent portal. Engage with your customers to gather data and present program offers, conduct a customer service survey, or send marketing communications. You can design and react to customer inputs in real time and refine for immediate impact.

Trust it to Us

Consistent marketing workflows streamline your marketing execution, boost revenue, and increase loyalty. Continuity across agent and customer self-service interactions drives an improved customer experience. A full audit trail provides you with clear documentation in every step. Achieve consistent, compliant connections.

Your Challenges, Solved.

Standardized, streamlined marketing workflows

Automated processes that trigger specific actions

Easily configurable strategies, workflows,and communications without IT involvement

Better engagement and agile response to customer needs

Mobile-responsive, self-service customer portal

Solutions to Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience, Everywhere

Transform your customer experience while maximizing each account’s potential throughout the lending relationship.

Collections & Debt Management

Collections & Debt Management

Katabat™ Restore: Collect more dollars with an enterprise collections and recovery solution built for flexibility and compliance.
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Essential Workflows

Essential Workflows

Katabat™ Liberate: Streamline and automate critical operational processes and communications.
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Customer Marketing Communications

Customer Marketing Communications

Katabat™ Unite: Plan, execute, orchestrate and measure effective multi-channel marketing campaigns.
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Marketing Automation eBook

Explore how your institution can make customers feel valued and welcome, how to engage—without selling—through leveraged content, and how to identify and empower brand advocates.

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