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Collect more dollars with our easy-to-deploy platform that delivers digital communications tailored to customer preferences. 

Enhance Your Digital Collections Strategy With Machine Learning

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Deploys automated SMS and e-mails templates to your current platform without time-consuming integration.

Continually "learns" from customer responses and adjusts collections strategies to increase recoveries.

Delivers data-based insights into customer behavior and recommends the right message, timing and channel.

Continually tunes customer outreach strategies to optimize engagement.

Efficiently allocates scarce resources while delivering a better customer experience.

“We have built a mature and reliable data pipeline for machine learning in Engage. Based on our results in recent Google Kaggle competitions, I am excited about the potential for this product.”

Ye Zhang

Chief Technology Officer, Katabat

Optimize Digital Collections with Katabat

Provide your customers with an omni-channel experience driven by their unique communications preferences.


Tailored messaging through customers’ preferred channels increases engagement and dollars collected.

Improve Recoveries

Digital servicing reduces the higher costs associated with operating contact centers.

Reduce Cost

Meets stringent compliance and regulatory standards, reducing reputational and vendor risk.

Mitigate Risk

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