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Katabat 9.2 Release Provides Significant New Product Enhancements

Wilmington, DE – April 7, 2021  

This week Katabat released version 9.2 of the Katabat platform, its latest significant software update focused on enhanced security features, additional platform integrations, and improved client communication capabilities. We released over 40 enhancements in response to client feedback and requests.

The 9.2 platform helps clients address accelerating consumer demand for online, mobile payment options which has never been more critical than during this uniquely challenging Covid crisis. 

A recent report from McKinsey noted that companies are now three times likelier than they were before the crisis to conduct at least 80 percent of their customer interactions digitally.  That same report found that digital adoption has taken a quantum leap at both the organizational and industry levels. 

With that in mind, the 9.2 release includes these new and updated features:

Katabat’s full suite of debt management solutions help lenders, financial institutions and debt collectors streamline communications and optimize engagement throughout the entire debt collection lifecycle.

The single, integrated solution provides clients with the power to control all their debt collections execution in one, unified strategy.

Additionally, by applying machine learning to the debt management and collections process, Katabat’s solutions help improve collections and recovery through a better customer experience, all while reducing costs and compliance risk. 

For more information on Katabat 9.2 or to set up a demo, go here or contact us at info@katabat.com.

Source: McKinsey, ‘How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point—and transformed business forever”, October 5, 2020

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