New Customer Experience Management Releases Focus on Customer Centricity

We’re happy to announce the release of Katabat 8.1! This release streamlines use for strategists and associates as well as improving mobile customer marketing communications. You can read more about our partnership with clients in a continuous cycle of innovation in the full press release. Enhancements include:

The customer experience is at the core of these enhancements.

Katabat 8.0: In Case You Missed It

The press release also outlines the major changes from Katabat 8.0, our big release in September 2017. One highlight: Customer Workflows give an integrated picture at the customer level, allowing strategists to strategize across multiple customer accounts, leveraging automated processes and event triggering. Check out the full press release for all the details of Customer Workflows, Data Warehouse, Reporting Studio, batch data export, and more new features—plus the outlook for new features in the pipeline!


Katabat works hard to make it easier for you to gain satisfied, profitable customers. Katabat is a technology disruptor that delivers great customer experience management solutions with unique industry expertise and process-driven speed. Partnering with users throughout the finance industry keeps Katabat at the cutting edge of customer experience management, automation, marketing communication, debt management, and infosec. Contact us today at to learn more about our full range of customer experience management products.

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