Katabat (formerly CMC) Announces Third Annual European Industry Advisory Group Meeting to Discuss Best Practices for Consumer Debt Management

July 30 2013 – Katabat today announced that the annual meeting of its European Industry Advisory Group (IAG) will take place in London on September 26.

Attended by senior managers who specialise in risk, collections, compliance, fraud and marketing, the IAG is a unique learning opportunity. Participants will hear how others are tackling similar issues and opportunities in the current market and update their knowledge of best practice from key industry figures across the customer lifecycle. In addition, they will learn how the most advanced customer experience management technology available today can help deliver a huge improvement in resolution rates while improving the customer experience, whether in collections, recovery, marketing or compliance applications.

Vytas Kisielius, CEO of Katabat, said: “Over the last year a raft of new regulatory and compliance requirements have been introduced in Europe which are complicated and time-consuming.  Our conference enables the industry to share its thoughts and ideas for addressing the challenges we’re all facing in 2013 and beyond”.

The IAG will be free for pre-qualified professionals to attend.  More information and registration is available at katabat.com

About Katabat

Katabat offers a pioneering customer experience management service that enables lenders to deploy completely synchronized collections offers, contacts, and treatments across credit card, real estate, student, and installment loan products. The company’s FlexCollect® managed service solution is helping a rapidly growing number of top lenders collect more, spend less and ensure compliance by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their charged off, delinquent, and pre-delinquent portfolio operations. For more information, visit katabat.com

For more information please contact Katabat’s PR representative Bridget Fishleigh – bridget@nomadcomms.com +44 7946 342 903 or skype: bridgetfishleigh


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