Application Security Manager (ASM) Provides Layer of Data Security

Avoiding data breaches is a top priority for most companies. The threats are real, and information-security teams across the globe are looking for the best way to protect their applications, data, and infrastructure from a variety of threats, vulnerabilities, and the many different forms of attack vectors. These threats never stop – and worse, they evolve every day.

That’s why Katabat relies on f5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM), commonly known as a web-application firewall.  The ASM inspects application traffic requests directed toward URLs that Katabat hosts. This aggressive and complex software seeks to stop threats using a combination of

Immediate impact

It’s been exciting to watch the immediate impact when we turned on the ASM. Blocks that are now happening on the ASM per Attack Type soared. Occurrences per violation fell off significantly. We can see where attacks originate and get source IP addresses, giving us essentially an early-warning system for protecting your data.

With approximately 30 percent of all breaches occurring due to a vulnerability at the application layer, software purchasers are demanding more insight into the security of the software they are buying.

Our ongoing commitment to data protection

In 2018, Katabat achieved the PCI DSS Level 1 certification for the 10th consecutive year, an accomplishment that we believe reflects our ongoing commitment to data protection. Our clients expect us to operate at this standard and we focus intensely on ensuring client data is never compromised. Achieving and maintaining this standard of data protection is our priority.

Going beyond the ASM, our participation in the CA Veracode Verified program provides our customers with the assurance that our platform meets a high standard of application security, reducing and mitigating the risk of malicious attacks, data breaches, and other vulnerabilities.

Neema Mohajery is Head of Technology Infrastructure at Katabat and has been with the company for the past six years. He previously worked at BlackRock as a Unix System Administrator for eight of the nearly 11 years he was at the company.

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