6 Marketing Automation Campaigns Banks Should Run to Drive Customer Retention

There are so many statistics floating around out there telling us that current customers are worth more and cost less than new customers. So why aren’t we acting on this information? Invesp Consulting reports that 44% of companies admit to placing greater focus on customer acquisition than customer retention. Only 18% actually focus more on retention than acquisition. Could that be the reason so many bank customers attrite in their first year? Are you adequately prioritizing your current customers to keep them engaged and happy?

Chances are you’re already running marketing automation campaigns for lead generation and lead nurturing, but are you leveraging these strategies for your current clientele? Our latest ebook, Love the Ones You’re With—6 Marketing Automation Campaigns for Your Current Banking Customers, demonstrates how automation campaigns can be your most powerful tool for customer retention.

Learn How to Effectively—and Effortlessly—Market to Your Valued Customers

Love the Ones You’re With will help you with strategies to achieve the following:

We refer to it as a customer lifecycle for a reason. Make certain your customers are actually cycling.

Download the ebook now, and start leveraging the power of marketing automation to drive retention and engagement!

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