6 Takeaways: RMA International’s 2019 Conference

I spent several days in Las Vegas last week at the Receivables Management Association conference, which was a great place to meet current and prospective clients. There were a lot of great discussions including the state of regulation at both the federal and local level and potential debt-buying opportunities (i.e., which markets represent the most value). Interestingly, the topic of tech was mostly confined to discussions about how regulations put a damper on your ability to use it.

Here are a few conference takeaways:

Debt Purchase Opportunities in Subprime Auto Finance

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Applications to the ARM Industry

Using Big Data and Digital Communications.

GDPR in California – Does This Apply to Me?

State and Legislative Regulatory Update

Are Your Calls Getting Through? How Call Blocking and Labeling is Affecting the Industry

I think conference attendees like to identify a few key action items from the presentations and hope to meet some companies that can help them with those pain points.  If you think Katabat can help you with our enterprise debt-collections software powered by machine learning technology, please reach out to me at mbutler@katabat.com.

Matt Butler is North American Sales Director for Katabat. Prior to joining Katabat in 2014, he spent nine years in the Financial Services Industry with a focus on collection and customer contact strategies.

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