4Finance Streamlines Consumer Debt Management and Customer Communications With Katabat

You can’t build an innovative consumer lending company on traditional technology. That’s what 4Finance, Europe’s largest online and mobile consumer lender, discovered. And it’s why 4Finance turned to Katabat to provide a flexible, efficient, consistent consumer debt management solution during their period of explosive growth.

Since its founding in 2008, 4Finance has spread to serve 17 European countries, providing over €5 billion in loans. The company needed a technology partner with the ability to support the needs of a large organization. Katabat, with its experience managing technology, debt collection, and compliance challenges in markets worldwide, fit the bill.

4Finance started with a debt collection system that was limited and poorly synchronized across business units. Maintaining and improving the system required immense amounts of IT support. In November 2015, they committed to creating an improved, streamlined, unified system, and hired Katabat. 4Finance and Katabat share an ethos of disruption, always pushing lenders to imagine new ways to provide a superior customer experience—even if it demands ground-breaking innovation. This shared commitment to technological progress forged a successful partnership.

Katabat has recently authored a case study examining their work with 4Finance. The study reveals what benefits Katabat’s unified platform brought to each part of 4Finance’s business, including:

As a result of the collaboration, 4Finance is well set up to achieve its vision, including expanding its fresh approach to lending to the Americas and beyond. Download the full 4Finance case study to learn more!

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