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Configure compliant management workflows to capture required data, and trigger specific actions automatically.

Expediently Address and Resolve Customer Complaints.

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Efficient customer compliant capture, management, and resolution.

"The product is highly adaptable, but easy to use. The easy of use does not limit the potential and power of the solution, most notable, the strategy engine."

Jamie H.

What Customers Are Saying On Capterra

"Fantastic cost effective solution. The interface is both easy and simple to use as well as backend changes in the system can be done quickly."

Syed A.

"The workflow design capability is second to none and allows you to control any process end to end across multiple touch points and teams."

Adam R.

Complaints Captured and Resolved With Katabat

Create automated, dynamic workflows based on your business rules, without requiring IT help.


Efficient complaint capture, management, and resolution.


Generating real-time customer communication, or routing tasks to the appropriate specialists.


Improved customer satisfaction and retention.


Account-level automated processes that trigger specific, compliant actions.

Agile response to your customers' needs.

Mobile-responsive, self-service customer portal.

Improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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